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June 17, 2011

Orson The Jaguar is going………lightening fast.

Jaguar Soft Toys
This adorable Jaguar Soft Toy is an excellent addition to any soft toy collection. Standing a proud 18cm this powerful cat will be king of any room, he is friendly and likes to play with other soft toys.

He is not our only lion, Big El Lion toys are also available. Definately a cool cat.

Orson The Jaguar is a steal at only £13.27 and Big El Lion ranges from £5.10 to £18.37.


June 14, 2011

Jolly Soft Toys for under £10

Ganley the hedgehog
There is one thing more important than money, that is value. We sell lots of great value soft toys for under a tenner. We organise our toys by price for your convenience. If you are just looking for a small gift for a work colleague or a treat for a well-behaved child we have something suitable for you.

Our range of toys under £10 is spectacular we stock great gems like Forest Friends Skunk 15cm (£7.14), this Meerkat 15cm (£7.14) and Giraffe Gwen 15cm (£7.14). My personal favourite Ganley the Hedgehog from Gund is only £3.05, bargain or what?

You better hurry these wonderfully soft toys are going fast, I am not surprised.

May 31, 2011

Old favourites and how not to miss out

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Big Soft Toy Jolly Lovely
The last few months have been a riot at jolly soft toys, however we are now sold out of many of the classic bears such as Schatzi. Missing out on Schatzi doesn’t mean you have to miss out on fun. Jolly Soft Toys is dedicated to provide fun and loving toys for everyone.

If you like your toys BIG (we love em HUGE) you might be interested in one of our large soft toys. Jolly Lovely is an absolute giant at 120cm and she is a gentle giant towering the mountain just under 4 foot high. She gets on well with other toys (even small ones) and has a lot of love and entertainments to give.

Jolly Lovely is a member of the Jolly Mah family, which is available as teddy bears, keyrings, hot water bottles, magnets etc.

April 14, 2011

Easter is here, thanks to big bird

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Big Bird Easter Bonanza
People say that it’s the Easter Bunny that lays the tasty chocolate eggs. That is ridiculous, everyone knows bunnies don’t lay eggs regardless of how magical they are. I’ll let you in on a secret……Big Bird lays the delicious chocolate eggs.

If chocolate isn’t your thing you can treat your friends and family to a soft toy

December 14, 2010

You people are barking mad……for dog soft toys.

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Kaelin 30cm Dog Soft Toy
We have had a huge response to our post Dogs are for life…. we decided to give people more of what they want.

Introducing Kaelin the Yorkshire Terrier, a 30cm Dog soft toy that looks identical to a real dog. The likeness will fool nearly anyone looking at it for the first time. Also this dog requires less care and attention than a real dog, but love and hugs are appreciated. Kelin costs £14.99. Order now for guaranteed Christmas delivery.

November 25, 2010

Christmas draws close

Christmas at Jolly Soft Toys

Christmas is just round the corner, it is always a challenge to beat the rush, order online and it will save lots of time, money and frustration.

To get guaranteed Christmas delivery, you must order before 4pm on the 21st Dec 2010 using the standard delivery option.

We offer a next day delivery service that guarantees xmas delivery on orders made before 4pm on the 22nd Dec 2010.

Don’t delay get your gifts at Jolly Soft Toys today and be sure to get your gifts in plenty of time for wrapping and putting under the tree.

November 19, 2010

Dogs are for life not just for Christmas….but getting them for Christmas works too.

White Poodle Soft Toy

Dogs are wonderful, loyal and loving. Dogs also require love and loyalty in return. It is a big investment. Jolly Soft Toys understands the need for a dog around the house. We have one of the largest collections of Dog Toys Online.

Take Puddles 25cm Dog Soft Toy(pictured) for example easy to love and easy to care for, any person would love this gift for Christmas. Ideal for any young boy or girl eager for a dog this Christmas with its lifelike appearance and floppy ears.

If you are struggling to find a toy for a newborn or infant, Eco Eye Patch 25cm Dog Soft Toy is perfect for you. It is made with organic cotton and contains natural dyes, this toy is the safest on the market for babies and newborns.

Dog toys are priced between £9.99 – £39.99 and are selling fast, get your Christmas shopping out of the way today.

September 20, 2010

Nelly the elephant wasn’t a toy….

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…. but Ranchipur the Elephant is.

Ranchipur Soft Toy
Elephants are fabulous creatures, big, powerful & ……cuddly? Ranchipur is soft and squeezable. Another great addition from our San Diego Zoo Range. Ranchipur never forgets so tell him all the important things and ask him to remind you later.

It’s impossible not to like this toy, it is suitable for almost any age, Ranchipur makes the ideal gift or birthday present for the young animal fanatic.

Ranchipur stands proud at 30cm and is available for £12.99, get yours now before it’s too late.

August 16, 2010


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Chips the Tortoise Image
This adorable turtle is named after my favourite food, chips comes from San Diego Zoo, that would make his name crisps in the UK, but I like chips more than crisps to we will just pretend that he is from London Zoo…. or something.

He really is an adorable soft toy and anyone would be lucky to have him. He is soft, cuddly and lovable and he is a turtle! Turtles can grow up to be ninjas(if you didn’t know).

Chips is 27cm long and is only £12.99 a real bargain, get him quick because we dont have many.

July 30, 2010

Koala is clearly the winner!

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Koala Joey 35cm Soft Toy
Hello all,

I thought I would give you an update on how we are at Jolly Soft Toys, things are going great but we never expected the reaction to Koala Joey to be so positive. You people just love him. We are almost out of 25cm Koala Joeys (get em while they are hot).

Another must have is Elmo it seems our customers can not get enough of this duo.

Till next time,
The Jolly Soft Team.

July 2, 2010

Penguins make everything ok.

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Penguin Image
I just freaking LOOOOOVVVVVEEEE penguins dont you! I mean they are lovely in every respect. They are the best thing about Edinburgh Zoo and the Norwegian Military has a penguin for a mascot. Pingu was one of my favourite shows growing up, and the penguins from the Madagascar movies make me laugh so hard I make noises similar to a pig.

If you don’t love penguins you have no place here – if you are just afraid of penguins(a classmate of mine, had an awful phobia) then we are here to help you get over it – buy a penguin teddy and just enjoy it! I will argue that penguins are one of the most likable animals ever, reflected by this little guys cheeky but gorgeous face. Why wouldnt you want one?

Aquatic Wonders Penguin is only £10.99 which is very good for a medium-sized soft toy.

June 15, 2010

Organic Soft Toys

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Eco Eye Patch Dog
How many times have you had to tell your child not to put this or that in their mouth. It has become every parents nightmare. What many parents don’t realise is that many soft toys are make from cheap harmful materials or strong chemical dyes that can harm an infant. They dont see any danger of letting a child but their favourite teddy bears ear in their child’s mouth. The childs saliva can mix with the dye and you can end up poisoning your child.

Luckily Jolly Soft Toys Babies & Newborn Range is full of safe and secure toys for young children. Eco Eye Patch Dog for example is made from 100% organic cotton (no pesticides, none of the nasty stuff) and Eco dyes(all natural, non-additive dyes) guarenteed safety for your child.

Eco Eye Patch Dog is 25cm High and is priced at £9.99, not a lot to pay for your childs safety and your peace of mind.

June 8, 2010


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Count from Sesame Street
The irony of this post is that without the Count from Sesame Street’s accent the above title just looks like it was typed by a crazy person.

The Count is one of my favourites from Sesame Street, being an all important tool in helping millions of kids count, he was funny, he was cool, and now he is at Jolly Soft Toys. He is pretty hard to get a hold of so I don’t expect these guys to last long. Make sure you order yours today.

Your friends and family will surely have limitless fun imitating the count and messing around with him. I mean just look at that goatee!

Count is 36cm and is currently £15.99 – totally worth it for such an excellent toy.

June 7, 2010

My First Range will make an excellent addition to your childs toy collection.

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My First Golf Bag
At Jolly Soft Toys we care about the people who buy our products. A popular question put to us is about soft toys suitable for infants. Not every soft toy is suitable for every age range; but Jolly Soft Toys has done the research and we bring you the My First Range – a collection of fun and incredibly soft toys that not only provide entertainment and enjoyment but also proven safe for newborn and young babies.

In this range you will find many fun toys such as My First Golf Bag (pictured), My First Laptop (a must for the children of IT professionals), My First Dolly and many many more.

May 26, 2010

Tigers RAWR!

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TG Tiger
Everyone loves tigers. People pay to see tigers. We have posted before about Mek Degong, but now we introduce TG Tiger from Nici. We love tigers at jolly soft toys; we have absolutely LOADS of different tigers to choose from.

TG is part of the Wild Friends Gang along with Big El Lion, Joey Koala, Gorrilla Milo and Gwen Giraffe, he spends all of his time acting cool and suave. A definite must for white tiger lovers. TG Tiger comes in sizes 10cm Keyring to a whopping 80cm Teddy and is priced from £4.99 – £59.99.

10cm Keyring is on offer at only £4.50, get yours NOW!

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